The minimum wage rise was welcome but the messaging was wrong, and it matters

budget-briefcase_1663222cWhen George Osborne announced his new minimum wage rate of £7.20 it seemed a glimmer of hope amidst a challenging budget. The cuts to tax credits could leave many low-paid workers actually worse off, but at least employers are being asked to play their part in moving Britain away from a low-wage economy.

But there’s a problem. Tom Skinner, Cordinator of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, explains.

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Why we should close the gap between rich and poor, in seven pictures (and two cats)

Blog Action DayToday (16 October 2014) is Blog Action Day. Thousands of bloggers around the world are talking about inequality. Here’s our contribution: a collection of pictures, which explain why we need to Close the Gap between rich and poor in the UK.

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