Quakers ride for equality and the common good

Ride for Equality logoA group of Quakers from the North West are riding to London this summer, to raise awareness of poverty and inequality. We asked them to share their story.

Shocked to hear of the distress caused by welfare reassessments both on the news and personally…

Shocked by the rise in use of food banks – a 6.64% increase and 16.85% rise in areas where Universal Credit is being rolled out…

Shocked by forecasts that 5.1 million children are likely  to be living in poverty by 2020 and that incomes of the poorest fifth will fall in the next five years to such a level that they won’t be able to afford essentials…

Shocked by the fact that 23% of the population are on less than the Living Wage and by the decline in the value of wages in the UK being the largest amongst all the developed countries except for Greece, Mexico and Portugal…

As Quakers believing in equality and social justice and the right of all to live in dignity, we are planning to spend 13 days – from 22 July to 4 August – riding by bike or mobility scooter or on public transport from Ulverston to 10 Downing Street to make public our concern for how the most vulnerable in society are being marginalised.

If you are interested to know more, then visit our website or Facebook page.

If you want to contact us, do so at quakers4thecommongood@gmail.com

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