Finding Mr Goldman: book review

Finding Mr GoldmanFinding Mr Goldman is a new book by David Rhodes. We asked Rose Tyrrell, a member of Church Action on Poverty’s Council of Management, to review it for us.

This book is brilliant in the way it get the author’s meaning across. It portrays many of the gospels in a way that they all relate to a very troubled, and in some ways overpoweringly self-righteous and to be perfectly blunt obsessed, human being who, at the beginning of the book, was more interested in his wealth and luxurious living than he was in the poor old beggar at the front gates of his mansion house. In fact, he hated the image of this person so much that he got his house servant to go and attack the man and move him on.

However, what Mr Goldman failed to realise was that his days were numbered and he would soon be meeting his maker. When he did go out in his posh car, he had a heart attack and his only recollection was meeting a man called Raphael and another person who resembled the tramp from his gates. It was so brilliantly put that one could not then put the book down until overcome by sleep.

As we continue through the book, we see how Mr Goldman’s lifestyle and those of people like him affect the lives of others, always relating back to one parable or another. Reflecting on one’s own life became inevitable, and fretful dreams became almost a nightly occurrence – perhaps through reading too late into the night.

Writing this before I get totally to the end, I can only say it’s a brilliant book. I would recommend it to any church-based study group, and also to anyone who wants a perfect read – and can read long enough once they pick it up, because it’s a book you cannot put down.

The final chapters leave a great deal to one’s own beliefs and interpretations. For each individual reading this book, the outcome will be their own interpretation of what is to come when our time comes to be transported to our own eternal life with our lord and friend. I will leave it at that, as any more would just get boring and take the fun out of reading this and a serious reflection of the message it sends out.

Order Finding Mr Goldman, and find out more about David Rhodes’ other books, at the Turbulent Books website.

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