More young people going beyond a tin of food

Beyond a tin of foodWe’re pleased to be able to share some more stories from vinspired’s Hunger Challenge today (See this post for more information about our work with vinspired’s ‘Beyond a Tin of Food’ campaign.)

  • Steph Lee talks about her own experience of using a food bank.
    “The food bank helped me get through those weekends where I was living off instant noodles or nothing at all.”
  • Eleanor, a student in the Midlands, has a diary entry about the Challenge.
    “I feel I can in some ways empathise better with those in food poverty already.”
  • Olivia Wypior has made a video about the Hunger Challenge.
  • Yasmin in Manchester has posted a blog about what she’s learned about food poverty.
    “I been sitting up here like… ‘I’m sick of eating soup’… and then I kinda stepped back a minute and thought, hang on Princess. People came home tonight and looked in their cupboard and there was nothing. People had to make a choice between feeding their family or being able to give their kids packed lunches during the school week. “

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