What does a Good Society mean to Greenbelters?


At this year’s Greenbelt festival, we asked festival-goers to share their visions of the Good Society. Here’s what they shared with us.

What makes a Good Society?

(We’ve separated the responses into broad themes.)


  • A good society copes positively with newcomers who are not rich.
  • A good society values everyone, regardless of age or ability.
  • Equality and Understanding.
  • Where everyone gets a say in how things are run.
  • Equality for all.
  • A good society is one where every person has the chance to work, earn enough to support themselves and their family and have a home. Where resources are shared not concentrated on a few powerful people at the top.
  • A good society is one where people from different backgrounds and beliefs work together for the common good.
  • Diversity, inclusion, equality of opportunity and the abolition of public schools.
  • Be accepting of everyone’s fashion style and be happy to express yourself.
  • When everyone feels fairly treated, when everyone feels they have an opportunity to achieve their goals… that would be nice.
  • No poverty, education for all and decent healthcare.
  • Education, tolerance, understanding, consideration and helping others. Love and God.
  • More equality.
  • A society where people respect others for who they are – not only what they do. Where there is no discrimination and people have what they need, no what they don’t need.
  • People care for each other, no huge gap between rich and poor, absence of fear and mistrust.
  • Greater equality of income.
  • Equality and fairness for all, a society where the local and central government support and keep the essential like the NHS, schools, libraries, children’s centres etc. Fairness for all regardless of gender, sexuality, politics, religion etc. A society where people help each other and have equal access to housing, healthcare and education.
  • Equality for all, regardless of sex, economic background, nationality, sexuality or race. Equal opportunities for all, so the situation you are born in doesn’t determine the life you lead.
  • “The best measure of society is how we treat the poorest and most vulnerable.” A good society is one where the richest contribute most to eradicate poverty and improve society as a whole.
  • A society where no one is in need- no matter their education, family back ground, immigration status etc.
  • Fairness in dealings between employers and employees; respect for all sections of society by all.
  • In a good society everyone needs to be equal; for example some someone says to someone else that they won’t be friends because of their background. That wouldn’t be right so you need everyone to feel like they are equal to the other people in the world.
  • A good society is one where all are valued, resources are shared fairly (according to people’s needs) and community is fostered by intentional policy choices.
  • Accepting everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion etc.
  • Equality, Justice, ‘waste not want not’, no judgement, loving your neighbour as yourself.
  • Understanding individuals and lives from a different perspective.
  • Loving everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, faith etc.
  • Openness, hospitality, non-judgemental, empathy and open eyes. Be willing to accept help and hospitality.
  • Somewhere where we are all accepted.
  • Where all faiths can live together with mutual respect.
  • Equality for everyone, everyone being happy. No violence and smiles.
  • Acceptance of all, respect for all and a desire to journey together.


  • Thoughtfulness and selflessness. Thinking of others before yourself.
  • Take care of people who are struggling to take care of themselves.
  • When we all do ‘our bit’ fairness and support for those without becomes much easier and build a better community.
  • Places to meet new people.
  • A good society is one in which each one of us is committed to active compassion and kindness to every person we meet day by day.
  • A society where people share hope and love for one another.
  • Empathy, equality, co-operation, peace, harmony, love.
  • A place where we believe in human flourishing (for all!)
  • Community comes from acknowledging deep in your heart that another person is your brother or sister and the same as you. When everyone is family.
  • A good society is one where we all think about the impact of our choices on others especially those who are marginalised in any way.
  • A place where we don’t just care about the present but learn from the past and prepare a better place for future generations.
  • A good society is one where people feel empathy rather than sympathy and work together for the benefit of the many rather than the few.
  • A good society is one where people care, love and support one another.
  • A good society is one where everyone is willing to help one another but won’t judge anyone.
  • Helping each other and sharing.
  • A criminal justice system that gives people the chance to change.
  • Empathy, walking in each another’s footsteps.
  • Trusting each other, kindness.
  • Looking after people when they are sad. Be kind.
  • Help one another.
  • Where people genuinely care about others- regardless of how different they may be. (Where we pull together.)
  • Acts for those with needs at any cost.
  • Honesty, openness, friendship, commitment, love, justice.

Community/working together

  • I would like to see more countries receiving support in getting basic things like food, shelter and water. I would also like to see fewer homeless people in Britain.
  • Communication skills, caring and understanding people, diverse community, friendship groups.
  • Helping each other emotionally and practically including sharing resources.
  • Occasions to get to know your neighbours.
  • Where everyone feels that they can have a stake in their employment and in their community.
  • Trust, respect.
  • People listening and understanding each other.
  • A sense of community, underpinned by justice, fairness and the inclusion of all.
  • They are building expensive houses in Berkhamsted. They should make more effort in helping building cheaper houses in other countries for people who really need them.
  • Making new friends, feeling valued, having the right support.
  • Friendship, trust, equality.
  • Nice People and Justice.
  • Where everyone is valued for who are, not what they produce.
  • Justice for all, Health and Education.
  • Co-operation, Justice and Acceptance.
  • Everyone coming together in the community.
  • Trust, team work and help.
  • Friendly people supporting each other, sharing wealth and understanding each other.
  • Co-operation, peace, justice and multiculturalism is not seen often enough. People should get along to reduce hatred crime and war.
  • A friendly welcome (with open minds, hearts and arms). An equal say for everyone. A friendly smile.
  • A good community is one that is more compassionate and generous to all its citizens and treats everyone as if they are special and valued.
  • Community, common purpose, what are the stakes? (A sense of urgency.)
  • Enough food for everyone, loving your neighbour, end loneliness.
  • Good is much better than big… Mr C take notes and help communities to develop a lot more.
  • Live more as a community, alleviation of poverty, understanding how to live more harmoniously in our pluralistic world, more positive thinking.
  • Where everyone is there for one another, a friendly community.


  • Just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right. Education is important- not instruction or indoctrination – but actually getting people to think for themselves.
  • A good society is where everyone, planet-wide, feels as appreciated, warm, fed, healthy and housed as I am. Vote left, pray daily and dream on.
  • People care for animals.
  • Everybody swimming and having fun & exercising.
  • People obeying the speed limit, so fewer cats get injured or killed from being knocked down by cars.
  • I think it would make our community better if we had a swimming pool and everyone respected where we live more.
  • A swimming pool with a fountain and a water fall. People not dropping litter everywhere.
  • Everyone should have a clean safe bed.
  • An understanding of common truth.

Good Society ToolkitJoin the Good Society conversation! Use our Good Society Toolkit to share visions of the Good Society in your own church or community.

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