Blog Action Day – speak out with us about inequality

blogactiondayOn 16 October, we’ll join bloggers across the world in a day of action on the theme of inequality. Could you take part too?

Every year since 2007, thousands of bloggers have come together for one day a year to talk about one important issue – such as poverty, climate change or human rights.

This year, Blog Action Day is on 16 October, and the theme is Inequality. This is a topic that the Blog Action Day community is particularly passionate about, and is at the heart of many of their areas of concern. Interest is high already, and they expect at least 5,000 participants. Inequality is, of course, a key concern for Church Action on Poverty too. So we have chosen to become a Blog Action Day Partner this year.

We will be posting our own blog on the day, about the urgent need to Close the Gap between rich and poor. We’ll also help to promote all the other blogs being posted around the world.

We invite you to join us too!

If you’re a blogger, vloggers, podcaster, photographer, graphic designer, cartoonist, data geek, tumbler or social media type, please join us and take part in Blog Action Day.

  • Look out for our Action Day blog on 16 October. Share it as widely as you can, and help us have a huge impact! You can read and share posts by other bloggers who are taking part too.
    If you’re sharing content on social media, remember to use the tags #BAD14 #inequality #Oct16
  • Post your own blog about inequality. Click here to register your blog with the Blog Action Day organisers. They’ll promote your blog on their website and give you access to great content, tips and reminders so you can create an amazing post on 16 October.
  • Use our resources if you like! We have information and materials you can use to create an effective blog:

blogactiondayLet’s have a huge impact on Blog Action Day. Together, we can Close the Gap and create a more equal society. Happier. Healthier. Safer. Fairer.

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