Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Help us use images to build support for Protecting its people from going hungry is one of the most fundamental duties of governmenttackling poverty!

Earlier this year, our ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’ campaign showed the power of pictures to tell people about poverty and inequality. Images don’t just convey a message or story very quickly – thanks to social media, they are also very easy to share and transmit. The ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’ image had a huge impact, and alerted many more people about the issue of food poverty, because it went ‘viral’ and was shared by thousands of people on Twitter.

We’re now exploring ways of using online images – photos, cartoons and ‘memes’ (which include words as well) – to support all of our campaigning for change. Here are some memes which we’ve created ourselves to spark debate about poverty and faith:

As you can see, poverty and inequality are not new concerns for the church!

We’re using the image-based social  network Pinterest to gather and share these images. Please browse our Pinterest boards, and share the images through your own social networks. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words!

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