Breadline Britain: Why I’m angry

Niall Cooper

Below the BreadlineThere are few things that make me genuinely angry, but this week has been one of them.

On Monday, Church Action on Poverty, Oxfam and Trussell Trust published Below the Breadline – an expose of crisis of food poverty and hunger that increasing numbers are facing across the UK. Channel 4’s Breadline Kids did exactly the same thing.

But what have the political classes been discussing this week? Not why so many people are going hungry, but a tweet.

MPs, columnists, and today, the Deputy Prime Minister have been lining up to fulminate about the outrageous fact that Oxfam tweeted an image of the Perfect Storm. No matter that it only had ten words on it. No matter that it didn’t anywhere on the tweet say (or even imply) that the Coalition is responsible for the perfect storm. No matter that it is actually based on a well argued…

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