Turning up the volume on poverty

Turning up the volumeWe’re happy to share this invitation from our friends at the Poverty Truth Commission in Scotland.

It is time to turn up the VOLUME on poverty. Scotland’s Poverty Truth Commission is made up of some of our country’s senior leaders and people who experience poverty on a daily basis. Together we believe that whatever happens in the referendum this September we desperately need to address the issue of poverty in Scotland. We have to become a fairer, better and more equal Scotland. Over the last two years we have been working on what needs to change.

We have looked at food poverty and the ever increasing number of people having to resort to using foodbanks. We have considered the impact of welfare cuts and the growing numbers of people having their benefits stopped. We have investigated why more people are living in poverty despite working. We have examined how, when you live in poverty, the basics like food, fuel and financial services cost more and not less. And we have tried to understand what it does to all of us when some people are written off as ‘scroungers’ and ‘undeserving’.

On 21 June, in Glasgow’s Woodside Halls, we will present our findings in music, drama, poetry, comedy, interview and film. The afternoon will be entertaining – the topic is anything but.

At Turning Up the Volume on Poverty we will also announce the names of our new Commissioners, including individuals from the world of media, entertainment, business, academia, faith and politics as well as those who know first-hand what it means to struggle against poverty. Over the next two years this group of Commissioners will take the work forward. It is time to turn up the VOLUME on poverty.

To book your free place at this event: click here; call 0141 248 2911; or e-mail info@povertytruthcommission.org

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