Please sir, I want some more

britainisnteatingAfter receiving training from Church Action on Poverty, a group of people have decided to challenge their poverty and exclusion by producing a series of short films highlighting the UK’s hunger crisis.

We have been running a School of Participation in Salford, funded by Oxfam and working with people in poverty to find ways of challenging the stigma and marginalisation they face. The group decided that the issue they wanted to address was the explosion of food poverty affecting the UK – and especially the attitudes which allow people to dismiss and ignore the growing crisis.

Working with local community film-maker Glyn Treharne, the group have made their own series of short films, addressing the issue with humour and satire. Here’s the first one:


britainisnteatingYou can do your bit to tackle the crisis – support people to tell the stories of how they were forced to go hungry.

Click here to pledge your donation – it will support public hearings where people give evidence to the National Inquiry Into Food Poverty.

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