Help hungry people tell their stories!

Britain Isn't EatingA national inquiry is being launched into the causes of food poverty. With your support, we can organise events which ensure the inquiry hears directly from the people who have been made to go hungry and depend on food banks.

MPs of all parties are holding an independent Parliamentary inquiry into the causes of food poverty, chaired by the bishop of Truro and Frank Field MP.

With your support, we can organise regional ‘Hearing’ events where the users and staff of food banks give evidence to the inquiry. Together, we can make sure that politicians understand the terrible reality of hunger in the UK.

This is a crowdfunding appeal: supporters just pledge their donations; we don’t receive the money unless we hit our funding target (which is £1,500 for each hearing); and supporters receive benefits to show our thanks. There are many ways you can show your support:

  • Support us by pledging as little as £10 to help pay for regional hearings – click here to pledge now!
  • Buzz about us – the key to crowdfunding is in the numbers. The more we can spread the word, the faster we achieve our funding target of, the quicker you can receive your benefits and we can do a whole lot of good. Please use email, Facebook and Twitter todirect your friends to our crowdfunding page:
  • Become part of the crowd. Find us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Spread the word. Tell your friends.
  • Buy a Gift Certificate for the appeal and offer something special to your loved ones and friends.


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