A tribute to Paul Goggins

Paul GogginsWe were deeply saddened to learn today (8 January) that Paul Goggins has died.

Paul was Church Action on Poverty’s second National Coordinator, from 1989 until his election as an MP in 1997. He oversaw the development of Church Action on Poverty into a powerful voice for and on behalf of people experiencing poverty across the UK. This included establishing the Churches’ National Housing Coalition in 1990, and overseeing the groundbreaking ‘Local People National Voice’ project, which for the first time sought to give a platform for the voices of people with direct personal experience of poverty to be heard on the local and national stage. This culminated in the first National Poverty Hearing in Westminster Central Hall in 1996.

Niall Cooper, Paul’s successor and current Director of Church Action on Poverty, said:

“Paul was a man of great personal warmth and deep conviction. His personal commitment to social justice and to championing the cause of people suffering from poverty and injustice both at home and abroad shone through in everything he did.
Paul will be missed hugely by all those who knew him personally or who were touched by his work.
Our deepest sympathies and prayers in particular are with Wyn and the family on their tragic loss.”

Lewis Rose, Chair of Church Action on Poverty, said:

“We very much appreciated Paul’s contribution in Church Action on Poverty, and later in Parliament, to tackling the issues of poverty and injustice. Our thoughts are with Paul’s family now.”


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