Pressure mounting for an inquiry into the causes of hunger – add your voice!

Walking the BreadlineSince we published Walking the Breadline in May, we’ve been calling on the government to investigate how the benefits system is leaving people destitute and hungry. So far they have refused to act – but more and more voices are joining the call.

Thousands of our supporters have already sent emails or signed petitions and postcards, demanding that the government hold an inquiry. Thanks again to all those of you who have taken part – your messages have persuaded over 70 MPs to raise the issue too, and ensured that the topic has been debated repeatedly in both Houses of Parliament.

So far, the government has resisted this pressure, denying the link between benefit changes and food poverty despite the powerful evidence we have presented – and even allegedly suppressing publication of a study which might strengthen our case.

But the pressure is mounting.

This week, Jack Monroe – the inspirational campaigner whose personal story of food poverty is featured in our report and her own blog – launched her own petition, also calling on the government to investigate the rise in food poverty. Already, over 90,000 people have signed Jack’s Petition. Please add your name too – even if you’ve already taken part in our actions:

Click here to sign Jack’s Petition

At the same time, a new cross-party group of MPs has been formed to raise the issue of food poverty. They are demanding that the government publish the suppressed report, and we are working with them to keep up the pressure for an inquiry. This is particularly important because it is the first time any MPs from the Coalition have spoken out.

We also have plans for publicity and events to keep a public highlight on food poverty.

Please keep on working with us to demand action. It is entirely unacceptable for people  in the world’s sixth richest country to be left destitute through deliberate government policy. We will not allow politicians to ignore this issue.

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