Britain Isn’t Eating – the message will hit the road

Britain isn't EatingThanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are about to launch a hard-hitting campaign exposing the scandal of hunger in 21st-century Britain.

Since May, we have been calling attention to the appalling explosion of food poverty in the UK – and the fact that thousands of people are going hungry because of benefit changes. We urgently need an inquiry to find out why our benefit system is making people destitute, and how we can stop it happening.

In the coming months, we will use a powerful piece of ‘subvertising’ to make that message heard more clearly. Our ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’ poster parodies the Conservative party’s world-famous 1979 election poster. Look out for it in the media and at key events in the coming months, as we continue to press for action!

In the meantime, you can click here to find out more about the issues with our Walking the Breadline report.

We are able to run this campaign thanks to generous donations from our supporters, who backed the idea in Church Action on Poverty’s first experiment with using ‘crowdfunding’. We would like to thank all of the backers who have made this possible:

  • Alison Jackson
  • Andy Maybury
  • Angela Willson
  • Bex Lewis
  • Brid Fitzpatrick
  • Carol While
  • Caroline Zvegintzov
  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Catherine Hale
  • David Hoadley
  • Elaine Parry
  • Elizabeth Dowler
  • Gerry Haines
  • Grace Buckley
  • Helen Hood
  • Ian Williams
  • Jane Corbett
  • Jason Leman
  • Jean Goodrick
  • Jenny Jacobs
  • John Peet
  • John Self
  • John Steele
  • Karen Burridge
  • Karen Smith
  • Margaret Mary Morran
  • P Austin
  • Paul Phillips
  • Peter Kershaw
  • Sean Conway
  • Si Jod
  • Stella Worraker
  • Stephen Gardner
  • Steve Holmes
  • Theresa Burton
  • Tom Skinner

2 thoughts on “Britain Isn’t Eating – the message will hit the road

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