Creators of equality

Photo 09-11-2013 11 54 27 AMAt our ‘Walking the Breadline’ conference in Sheffield on Saturday (9 November), we sang this hymn, which had been especially written for the occasion by Revd Nick Jowett, a member of our local group in Sheffield.

(Tune: Duke Street)

Thanks be to God whose love is sure;
his will in Jesus shall endure.
He gives us life and health and food;
no single one would he exclude.

Taxman Levi heard the appeal
and honoured Jesus with a meal.
The good, the bad, he welcomed all,
at Jesus’ word, into his hall.

Feeding a crowd with bread and fish,
Jesus showed sharing was his wish.
We imitate that act divine
and celebrate with bread and wine.

Christians at Corinth knew Christ’s will,
yet the rich people ate their fill.
They would not wait on for the poor,
and failed their Saviour’s love and law.

Cry for a land where wealth divides,
where bitter poverty abides,
where the well-off can demonise
those trapped in need, nor hear their cries.

People today, make Christ your guide;
Stand with the poorest side by side.
Reject unfairness; seek to be
Creators of equality.

By Nick Jowett, reproduced by kind permission

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