Challenging low pay in Manchester: launch of a new campaign

Launch of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign

Launch of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign

A new campaign to promote Greater Manchester as a Living Wage Zone launched at the Greater Manchester Churches Together General Assembly on Monday 28 October.

The Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, supported by Church Action on Poverty, has already gathered wide support from trades unions, faith groups, politicians and local charities. On the night, Greater Manchester Church leaders, along with the Mayors of Salford, Bury and Wigan, publicly pledged their support for the Campaign, and many more of the Assembly’s participants signed up to get involved in the campaign.

The campaign aims to make Greater Manchester a Living Wage Zone by challenging low pay, and putting Living Wage policy and a culture of social equality at the heart of how Greater Manchester works.

Church Action on Poverty Director Niall Cooper spoke about the need for a Living Wage to address a great need, and the vision of Greater Manchester as a Living Wage Zone.

More than 140,000 people across Greater Manchester are in work but still struggling to make ends meet because they are not being paid a Living Wage. Our aspiration is that everyone who works in Greater Manchester should be paid a Living Wage.  We want employers across Greater Manchester to follow the example of Salford City Council, Manchester College and more than a dozen other employers in signing up to pay their own – and sub-contracted – staff a Living Wage.

Mayor of Salford City Ian Stewart shared about the work they are doing to improve workers’ conditions in Salford through an employers’ charter, and Interim Campaign Coordinator Tom Skinner encouraged everyone present to support the campaign by speaking with their  church leaders about paying a Living Wage.

For more details, resources, or to sign up, go to:

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