Drowning in Debt: The curse of modern day usury

Niall Cooper

Loadsadebt imageDebt is now big business – and everyone is affected. Debt damages many people’s lives – and all the more so if you are already struggling on a low income.  Church Action on Poverty’s latest report, Drowning in Debt, highlights the on-going injustices of modern day usury.

Take mum-of-five Donna, a member of our local partner organisation, Thrive in Stockton on Tees: “Everyone I know has doorstep lenders – family, friends. You don’t have the money to save when you’ve got children or you’re on benefits so you go to these places. But then you’re paying a thousand pounds for a second-hand washer.  Our fridge freezer is reconditioned. But it will still cost us just under a grand.  I had bailiffs coming to the door, and red letters all the time. I was scared to answer the phone. I was getting depressed. They threatened to come and take my…

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