Work for the Dole: More lies and misinformation about poverty

Our Director, Niall Cooper’s latest blog – responding to the latest report from the Taxpayers Alliance – which he debated live on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Niall Cooper

truthandliesToday’s report from the Taxpayers Alliance, ‘Work for the Dole’ spreads more myths, lies and misinformation about poverty. 

Another excuse for the media to re-run headlines about millions of workshy benefit scroungers choosing a lifestyle of poverty –  far from the reality of life for those struggling to make ends meet and struggling to find work amidst the longest and deepest recession in more than 70 years.

Written by a successful and ‘award winning’ entrepreneur with a physics degree from Oxford – and clearly very little if any experience of the reality of life on the dole – the report rehashes old myths about poverty, old statistics and even older examples of the worst extreme of workfare from the America, which in many cases have already been abandoned in the US and already been trialed and found wanting in the UK.

Same old myths about poverty
The starting premise of…

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