Now Mr Gove is at it

Niall Cooper

Party Faithful Attend The Annual Conservative Party ConferenceFollowing Lord Freud’s claims on Tuesday that foodbanks are culpable for generating an ‘almost infinite demand’ for free food, Michael Gove was at it yesterday:  Attacking parents who send their children to school hungry, claiming it was due to their ‘chaotic’ lives rather than a lack of cash.

A consistent picture is emerging: Government Ministers casting round for other people to blame for the growth of food poverty. Anything, in fact, to deflect attention from the glaringly obvious:

Thousands of people across the UK (many in work) simply don’t have enough money to feed themselves.  Thousands are then let down by the absence of the ‘welfare safety net’ which has ceased to function in any meaningful way.

It used to be the mark of a civilised society that it cared for its poorest and most vulnerable members, rather than blaming them for their plight.

One of the founding principles…

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6 thoughts on “Now Mr Gove is at it

  1. These morons are utterly disgusting. Time for some of these so-called Christians to read Amos and Joel. Look at what God had to say about those who were rich giving sacrifices to God which meant nothing to him. Why? Because of what the rich were doing to the very poor – taking away their land so they could not produce food for themselves or have homes. Nothing new under the sun aye?

  2. There are poor people who work very hard and can’t feed their children. And there are poor people who are lazy and who don’t feed there children. Your failure to make any distinction between the two is as breathtaking as Michael Gove’s. I take it you are attempting to make a point about the poor who do or would work hard. But your post ends up as political posturing or pantomime politics. We shouldn’t conduct our politics like this, should we?

  3. I am afraid these comments are inevitable. The front bench, and many members of Parliament are rich people. They live in a privileged bubble that excludes most of the UK population. Where are the true servants of the local community? Until we return to proper service. Until we eschew financial gain, these unrealistic comments will continue.

  4. I am ashamed of all our MPs, Labour / Conservative & Liberal`s, and allowed them to ruin what made me proud to be British, I`m ashamed of our greedy buisnessmen, I am ashamed of people being daft enough that they are taken in by the the attack`s on our own people that cannot defend themselves, ie scrounger`s ect when clearly there are not enough job`s around, I am ashamed that in this land of plenty, my country children are going hungry and poorly clothed, and I`m ashamed of myself for there is nothing I can do to take my country back to a humane society.

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