Freudian slip on food poverty

Niall Cooper

Former city banker David Freud speaks atIn a serious Freudian slip, a Government minister yesterday denied that there was any link between food poverty and welfare, and suggested instead that the growth in foodbanks is ‘supply-led.’

So there we have it.  The real culprits for the growth of food poverty are foodbanks…

Government Minister Lord Freud was challenged by the Bishop of Truro, the Rt Rev Tim Thornton in the House of Lords, over whether ministers conceded a link between the benefits system and food bank use. Lord Freud replied that it was difficult to “make the causal connections”. The minister for welfare reform added: “It is difficult to know which came first – supply or demand. If you put more food banks in, that is the supply. Clearly food from a food bank is by definition a free good and there’s almost infinite demand.”

According to Lord Freud’s wonderful logic, if food banks had…

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3 thoughts on “Freudian slip on food poverty

  1. Well of course he is right, if we did not supply these people with food they would not come to the food bank. They would just starve instead.

  2. Idiot, he hasn’t a clue, or worse he has & its all going to plan,, except were not dying faast enough, they have blood on their hands everyone of them

  3. I’m afraid these people are so far removed from the reality on the ground that they do not seem to realise the actual situation in a lot of cases. Just ask our local foodbank why there is such an increase in uptake and they will soon tell you what the clients are saying…

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