Welcome to the Real World

Niall Cooper

Real worldI was taken aback last week to be told that I wasn’t living in the ‘real world’ for criticising Stephen Hester’s £5.8m ‘golden goodbye’ on being sacked as the chief executive of RBS NatWest.  It got me thinking: Just who lives in the Real World?

In this supposed ‘Real World’ of business and high finance, tough people make tough decisions, bargains are struck, big money is made (and lost). Of course you have to pay serious money to buy the services of a top global executive of Stephen Hester’s calibre.  He’s done a good job ‘turning round’ RBS, and he’s worth every penny of his £4.5 million.

Those of us who chose to question this are just empty headed idealists, who don’t understand – let alone live – in the ‘Real World.’

The views of the banker interviewed by Poly Toynbee for her book, Unjust Rewards may well sum up…

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