What are the political issues that Christians care most about?

Thoughtful – and encouraging piece from the God and politics blog. Posted in January, but possibly even more relevant now…. Comments welcome!

God and Politics in the UK

We’re now fully into the second half of this coalition’ government’s term in office and they’ve been very keen to tell us how they’ve been getting on through their ‘warts and all’ mid-term self-assessment.  It’s impossible to assume that such a review is spin free, but overall it has been welcome to see even if it hasn’t told us anything new.  Transparency is of vital importance if governments expect to build the electorate’s confidence in the way they run things in office.  All governments fall short on this matter and I doubt this will ever cease to be the case, so any small steps should be cautiously welcomed, even if as in this instance they are of minimal value and predominantly a publicity exercise.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have also been telling us what they’re planning to do in the next two-and-a-half years.  They’ve used the opportunity to publicly renew…

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