Food banks for people with mental health conditions

FoodbankSortingI am worried about how an increasing number of poor and vulnerable members of society are being forced to rely on food banks.

The public response seems to be that it is great to see the ‘Big Society’ helping out and setting up the food banks. The reality for many people affected, though, is decreased control and choice in their lives.

I have an eating disorder. With my own choice of when and what I eat, I can manage this disorder.

I am not yet dependent on food banks, but it would greatly heighten my problems with food and my general ability to cope with day-to-day life.

I also suffer from Social Anxiety, and the shame about using a food bank, as well as the difficulty in having to interact with people, would again make my day-to-day life more difficult.

Living with mental health conditions is already very hard and often very dispiriting. Anything that makes this more difficult will lead to more misery, despair, homelessness and suicide.

We received this post from a supporter of Church Action on Poverty who wishes to remain anonymous.

foodfuelfinancelogoClick here to find out more about ‘Food, Fuel, Finance’ – Church Action on Poverty’s project aiming to tackle food poverty and other issues related to the Poverty Premium.

2 thoughts on “Food banks for people with mental health conditions

  1. its hard to say one can like this. We are a group who have been following and gathering support for a 2 min silence and national remembrance of the those who have died, committed sucide, or associated with trying to highlight the dire situation this government has already created with things now set to hit the proverbial fan.
    Please join the group to show you support it is important to those who are left behind, loved ones, close friends and others who mourn their loss

  2. I totally agree. My problem with using a food bank would be that I suffer from Essential Tremor and Fibromyalgia which make it very difficult for me to cook. I therefore rely on ready meals or pre-cooked food. I don’t imagine any food bank could help with that either.

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