This Was Action Week 2013

This Was Action Week 2013Poverty & Homelessness Action Week 2013 saw over 150 events take place in communities across the UK. You can now download our full report on the impact we made.

Jesus didn’t drive wedges in his community – he built bridges. Poverty & Homelessness Action Week 2013 challenged us to do the same, with the theme ‘Can you cast the first stone?’

There are too many ways in which our society blames those in poverty and threatened with homelessness, rather than looking for their strengths and building on them. We don’t accept that society can be neatly divided between ‘skivers’ and ‘shirkers’ on the one hand, ‘strivers’ and ‘workers’ on the other.

We based our reflections on John’s account of the woman in adultery – Jesus literally disarmed her critics by asking what right they had to judge her. The report shows how churches across the UK rose to our challenge.

Click here to download This Was Action Week 2013.

Click here to find out more about Poverty & Homelessness Action Week.

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