Bringing hope and transformation – a funding appeal

Your money can help make change happen.

If you can, please make a secure online donation, or better still take out a monthly direct debit

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Church Action on Poverty, and the need has never been greater. In the face of an economic crisis unprecedented in any of our lifetimes, prospects are bleak for those struggling to make ends meet.

Together we can give a voice to people in poverty, like Anne..

‘Anne’ is a single parent directly affected by the Government’s austerity programme and planned benefit cuts. She recently sent us a copy of a letter she has written to her MP, which illustrates the graphic impact this will have on her family.

“I am a full-time parent with a child just three years old, and I am claiming benefits as a result of a marriage breakdown. I have always intended to seek employment as soon as my son starts school, but the cap on benefits will leave my family an astonishing £80 a week worse off. The only possible cut I could make would mean having less than £10 per day to feed and clothe a family of six including myself.”

With our support Anne was able to share her story with more than a million people – by arranging for her to be interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme in November.  But Anne is not alone. Over three million UK households are now at risk of slipping into poverty as a result of spiraling living costs, shrinking incomes and welfare benefit reforms.

Tackling poverty – from the bottom up

One of the most important things that Church Action on Poverty can do is to give a voice to people who are themselves struggling to make ends meet.

“People were listening to me. A nana, a mother, a normal everyday person. It was electrifying.”   

Kath CarterMaureen and Kath, who I wrote about recently, received training and support from Thrive, our local partner organisation in Teesside, which enabled them to directly challenge a high-cost lending company that was exploiting people on low incomes in her community. With our support, Maureen, Kath and colleagues have changed the way high-cost lending companies operate – benefiting over 300,000 low income customers nationwide.

Your donation will support local people to bring hope and transformation to communities across the UK.

Our task for the coming years is to support hundreds more people like Kath and Maureen to become powerful agents for change – both in their own communities and nationally. Our aim is to build a powerful movement, rooted in local churches and communities, to challenge injustice, tackle inequality and bring change for those struggling to make ends meet in this age of austerity.

Please support people like Kath and Maureen as they work for hope and transformation in these challenging times…

Even a £10 donation, or £2 a month will help make a difference.

Yours sincerely
Niall signature

National Coordinator
Church Action on Poverty

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