Tax Bus gathering momentum


Dean of St Paul’s welcoming the Tax Bus to the Cathedral this morning

As the Tax Bus Tour reaches the end of its third week on the road, Church Action on Poverty and Christian Aid’s joint campaign for Tax Justice is already gaining momentum – and cross party support.

Just in the past 24 hours Business Secretary Vince Cable MP; Telegraph chief political correspondent, Peter Oborne; the new Dean of St Paul’s and Giles Fraser, have added their names to the growing list of church leaders, politicians and others have already ‘come on board.’ They join Frank Skinner, Labour MP John Denham, Lib Dem MP, Jenny Willott, the Present of the Methodist Conference and literally hundreds of CAP and Christian Aid supporters who have ‘Ticked for Tax Justice.’

The interesting thing is the extent to which the campaign to end tax dodging transcends usual divisions of party politics and between tackling poverty at home and abroad. The bus even got an honourable mention in the House of Commons on Friday. As conservative commentator Peter Osborne summed up the mood of a tax Justice ‘community conversation’ in Spitalfields last night, “it is reprehensible that benefit cheats are being aggressively pursued and wealthy tax dodgers are not.”


With the Bus Tour still not at the  halfway point, media coverage has already exceeded expectations. From local radio stations and local newspapers through to the Radio 4 Sunday Programme (broadcasting Sunday, 16 Sept – listen again from 4 min 57 sec), journalists are queuing up to cover the story.

The Tax Justice Bus Tour still has more than four weeks to run… Next week: East Anglia, the East of England and the midlands. Beyond that, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the North of England still to come!

There’s still plenty of time to get on board!

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