Time for Fair Taxes: Ask your MP to support crackdown on tax avoidance

We should all pay our fair share of taxes. In an age of austerity and spending cuts, tax avoidance is morally unacceptable: It effectively amounts to robbing from the poor.

Email your MP today, to ask them to support the introduction of a new measure (the ‘General Anti-Avoidance Rule’) which will crackdown on tax avoidance.

In the UK there is a multi-billion pound industry whose aim is to find clever ways for its wealthy customers to avoid paying tax. The industry is legal, thriving, and denies UK tax-payers at least £25 billion each year. That is more than the amount the Government is trying to cut from the benefits bill – so tax avoidance amounts to robbing people in poverty. This is why we are campaigning for Fair Taxes.

With the Budget coming up in March, there is an opportunity approaching for Parliament in Westminster to put in place a ‘General Anti-Avoidance Rule’ (GAAR). Put simply, this would prevent wealthy individuals and companies from using contrived financial structures to shield themselves from their tax bills.

Please take two minutes to email your MP now and ask them to support calls for a GAAR.

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